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Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Rome wasn't built in a day and you will NOT become a programmer overnight. Having said that, choosing to become a programmer is a choice to engage in a fun and rewarding career.

It's a choice enough people don't make. For those of you that do, I commend you and look forward to sharing my passion (in software engineering) with you. To join us at AppsWorkforce, send an email to hello@appsworkforce.com stating your interests

Best Regards,
Segun Sobulo
AW Founder

How to learn, (Got MOOC?)
Find below some of our learning suggestions. Jump right in with edX courses or wet your beak with codecademy lessons. Learn at your own pace and try not to take yourself too seriously, just have fun learning.

One programming course to rule them all. MIT's introduction to computer science and programming. If you know the material, you're a programmer. It's that simple.

Zero Tolerance!
Being a programmer is more than just understanding syntax! It's about having the diligence to find simple solutions to complicated problems and to do so with integrity. Being a programmer is a responsibility to society, you are making a conscious choice to become a builder, to help build the country and the world in general.

Once you know how to program, you will learn how to transform and present data and you will be asking your friends, family and fellow Nigerians to trust you with their data. With this knowledge comes great responsibility, especially in an information age that's data driven

Or to quote Google: Don't be evil, basically Do the right thing

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